In 1978, the Committee of the Colour Group felt that an award should be made to honour David Wright and that it should be connected with students in view of his close connection with educational establishments. A Working Party was established and their proposal that the award should be a travelling grant for students to attend overseas conferences was readily accepted by the Committee. It was agreed that £200 should be given every two years and it was expected that it would go towards travelling to AIC, CIE, International Research Group on Vision or similar conferences.

The announcement of the award was made at the Annual General Meeting in 1979 and the first award was to be made in 1981. It was always expected that the winners would present a report on the conferences that they had attended or on their work.

An obituray of Prof W D Wright is here.

Earlier recipients of the awards include:

1981 I Hendricks, S West
1983 R S Snelgar, J A F Wilson
1985 J Bromley, H Hilkin, D Travis
1987 M O Scase
1989 S Austell, P Brent, M P Tyrrell
1991 R Nath, C J Savage, A Morland, G Jordan
1994 S M C Nascimento, Julie Wright
1996 Victoria Cole, Clara Ovenston, Adrian Ford, Ben Regan
1998 M Pacheco-Cutilias, S Triantaphillidou, M W Wright, M P Simunovic, A Koller
2000 Gerald Schaefer, Caterina Ripamonti, Hannah Elizabeth Smithson, Samira Bouzit
2002 Fotini Koussiaki, Kit Wolf, Raymond Beirne, Emma Oxtoby, Efthimia Bilissi
2004 Yazhu Ling, Marissa Rodriguez-Carmona, Charikleia Vakrou
2006 Caterina Ripamonte
2008 Luis Garcia-Suarez (Bradford University), Monica Hedrich (Bradford University), Philip Henry (Leeds University), Saori Kitaguchi (Leeds University), Elza Tantcheva (Sussex University), Milena Vurro (Newcastle University).  Posters, abstract or papers fo the work present may be found here.
2010 BACHY  Romain (University of Bradford,ECVP Switzerland)   MYLONAS Dimitris (London College Communication, CGIV Finland)   PANORGIAS Athanasios (University of Manchester ARVO USA)
2012 CHOU, Yi-Fan (University of Leeds, CGIV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) TAO, Lan (University of Leeds, (University of Leeds, CGIV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
2014 GILLESPIE-GALLERY, Hanna (City University London)
2015 CRANWELL, Matthew (Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University) Dissociation of chromatic discrimination ability in developmental disorders: Autism Spectrum Disorder and Williams Syndrome. VSS, US
MAULE, John (Department of Psychology, University of Sussex) Accurate estimation of the mean hue of rapidly presented multi-hue ensembles. ICVS, Japan
HICKEY, Joseph (Optometry & Vision Science, City University) Chromatic sensitivity and visual search in air traffic control. ICVS, Japan.
WANG, Mengmeng (School of Design, University of Leeds) Investigation of uncertainty of skin colour measurements. CIE, Manchester
VOLPE, Vanessa () Colour and emotional well-being in the healthcare environment. XI Colour Conference of the ICG, Italy.  
2016 JIE, Xu (Loughborough University ) Perception of Colour Identity: A Literature Review of Urban Environmental Colou. 3rd Conference of the Asian Colour Association, China

GOOBY, Becky (UWE Bristol). The development of methodologies for digital colour printing in textile design. Textiles & Life. Survival to Fashion and Everything In Between – The Textile Institute Student Conference, Manchester UK
ASTON Stacey, (Newcastle University). Memory effects, central tendency, serial dependency or just task bias? An investigation using illumination hue discrimination. ECVP2017
MYLOMAS Dimitris, (UCL). Differences in Color Naming between British and American English Speakers. 13th AIC Congress 2017.
HARDMAN Amanda, details not available



DATE 04 October 2018