MEETINGS FOR 2016-2017

Monday to Wednesday 27 - 29 March 2017
BFI Southbank and Friends House, London



Colour in Film is an unique international event intended to foster and stimulate the interaction between the two vibrant, but still separate, colour film restoration and colour science circles.

The Second International Conference, Colour in Film will take place from 27-29 March, 2017 at BFI Southbank and Friends House, London.

Colour in Film is aimed at everyone interested in colour in cinema, colour in cultural heritage, colour reproduction and restoration, and colour perception, whether a film restorer, archivist, historian, enthusiast, or a colour scientist.

The event is co-organised by the Colour Group GB ( and HTW – University of Applied Sciences Berlin ( and, in cooperation with ERC Advanced Grant FilmColors (University of Zurich) ( The British Film Institute (BFI), and Eastman Revolution and British Cinema, 1955-85 (University of Bristol).

The 2017 Colour in Film Conference will cover the entire breadth of colour in moving images, from early (pre)cinema's chromolithographic printing through the applied colours of tinting, toning and their Desmetcolor rendition, from chromogenic Agfacolor and Eastmancolor through the video- and film-based look of the golden age of British colour television and up to modern, current grading in the digital domain.

The conference will begin with an afternoon of screenings in the beautiful NFT3 theatre at BFI Southbank on March 27, followed by a full day of symposium sessions in Friends House, Euston Road, London, where we will conclude on March 29 with Sarah Street's project workshop on the Eastmancolor revolution.

For further information, please contact Dr. Elza Tantcheva-Burdge, Vice Chair of the Colour Group (, or Dr. Ulrich Ruedel, Professor for Conservation and Restoration of Modern Media at HTW Berlin (

DAY ONE (27th March) - NFT3, BFI, Southbank
Once again the organisers of the conference are pleased to announce that the English dramatist, composer and author, Neil Brand, will accompany a number of screenings. He is a renowned expert and regular silent film accompanist at London's National Film Theatre. Brand has acted and written plays for the BBC and most recently has composed the scores for two newly restored films from the 1920s: The Wrecker and Anthony Asquith's Underground. His book, Dramatic Notes, investigates the art of composing narrative music for the cinema, theatre, radio and television. (

12:00 hrs REGISTRATION BFI Southbank Foyer.
13.00 hrs Opening of the Conference Dr Elza Tantcheva-Burdge, Colour Group (GB) and Prof Ulrich Rűdel, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Berlin
13.05 hrs 1 Historical Film Colours - Restoration Works in Progress Prof Barbara Flueckiger, University of Zurich, ERC Advanced Grant Film Colors
13.20 hrs 2 Agfacolor Animation Prof Ulrich Rűdel, HTW, Berlin and Michaela Mertova, Czech Film Archive, Prague
13.50 hrs 3 Original Tinting: České hrady a zámky Jeanne Pommeau, Czech Film Archive, Prague
14.15 hrs BREAK
14.30 hrs 4 The Boy who Turned Yellow Prof Sarah Street, Eastman Revolution and British Cinema, 1955-85, University of Bristol  and Kieron Web, Film Conservation Manager, BFI National Archive
15.30 hrs 5 Amateur Fims Paul Frith,  Post-doctoral Research Associate, University of East Anglia
15.45 hrs 6 Antarctic Expeditions Dr Elizabeth Watkins, University of Leeds
16.00 hrs BREAK
16.15 hrs 7 Kinemacolor - a BFI Digital Case Study Prof Ulrich Rűdel, HTW, Berlin


Chromolithographic Loops: Digital Restoration and Aspects of Presentation
Anke Mebold, Deutsches Filminstitut – DIF, Filmarchiv


17.10 hrs Concluding remarks Concluding remarks Prof Ulrich Rűdel, HTW, and Dr Elza Tantcheva-Burdge, CG(GB)
17.15 hrs BREAK
  EARLY PUBLIC SCREENING EVENT - tickets are required for this - see below
18.15 hrs BEHIND THE DOOR Public early screening event accompanied by Neil Brand. Introduction and concluding remarks by Robert Byrne, Film Restorer and President of the SF Silent Film and Bryony Dixon, BFI National Archive, Silent Film Curator. NB TICKETS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE CONFERENCE PRICE AND MUST BE OBTAINED FROM BFI - SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE

DAY TWO (28th March) – George Fox Room, Friends House, 173 Euston Rd, London NW1 2BJ

09.00 hrs Opening and introduction to the second conference day   Prof Ulrich Rűdel, HTW Berlin
This Room is Surrounded by Film!
Introduced by Prof Ulrich Rűdel, HTW
Charles Fairall CMgr, IEng, FCMI, MIET, Head of Conservation, BFI National Archive, and
Steve Bryant, Television Archivist
09.45 hrs COFFEE
09.45 hrs Session ONE
Film Colours
Chaired by Prof Barbara Flueckiger, University of Zurich, ERC Advanced Grant Film Colors
10.00 hrs Chromolithographic Loops: History and Preservation Lea- Aïmee Frankenbach, MA Student at HTW  
10.15 hrs Chromolithographic Loops Anke Mebold, Deutsches Filminstitut – DIF, Filmarchiv and
Lea- Aïmee Frankenbach, MA Student at HTW  
10.25 hrs Still in the Script? Questions of authenticity and performance in the restoration of early colour film Dr Elizabeth Watkins University of Leeds
10.55 hrs BREAK
11.05 hrs Session TWO
History and Restoration
Chaired by Prof Ulrich Rűdel, HTW, Berlin, Conservation and Restoration of Modern Media
11.10 hrs Colour of Clay Tom Vincent, Aardman Animations
11.40 hrs Novel Lighting Technologies for Scanning Historical Film Julius Muschaweck Film Restoration & Archiving, ARRI, Munich
12.10 hrs Resurrecting the Colors of Irvin Willat's 'Behind the Door' Robert Byrne Film Restorer, President San Francisco Silent Film Festival
12.30 hrs LUNCH
13.30 hrs Session THREE
Colour, Science and Optical Illusions
Chaired by Dr Elza Tantcheva-Burdge
Indigenous Colour: The Quest to Make Australia’s First Colour Feature
Prof Kathryn Millard, Macquarie University, Sydney
14.15 hrs Spectral analysis of historical film images Dr Giorgio Trumpy University of Zurich, imaging scientist, ERC Advanced Grant Film Colors
14.45 hrs TEA BREAK
Seeing is Not Always Believing: Visual Illusions
Prof Andrew Stockman Steers Chair of Investigative Eye Research, UCL's Institute of Ophthalmology, Honorary Consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital
15.55 hrs Round Table – Q & A
Speakers from days one and two
Chaired by Prof Ulrich Rűdel
16.50 hrs Concluding remarks Prof Ulrich Rűdel, HTW, and
Dr Elza Tantcheva-Burdge, CG(GB)

DAY THREE (29h March) – George Fox Room, Friends House, 173 Euston Rd, London NW1 2BJ
09.00 hrs Opening and introduction to Day Three Dr Elza Tantcheva-Burdge, CG(GB)
09.05 hrs WORKSHOP
The Eastmancolor Revolution: History, Themes and Context
Chaired by Prof Sarah Street, University of Bristol, Eastman Revolution and British Cinema, 1955-85
Installing Eastman: Early Implementations of Eastman Color in US Film Laboratories
Dr Heather Heckman University of South Carolina, Director of Moving Image Research Collections
10.20 hrs COFFEE BREAK
10.45 hrs Perverting the system : Peeping Tom and Eastmancolor Kirsty Sinclair Dootson PhD Student , Yale University, USA
11.10 hrs 'People prefer colour': the wholesale transition from black and white to colour in 1960s British Cinema Dr Laura Mayne University of York, Post-doctoral Researcher


11.35 hrs Colour film and cinema advertising Dr Richard Farmer University of UEA, Post-doctoral Researcher
12.10 hrs Round Table Led by Dr Paul Frith, University of EA and Chris Cholmondeley, UK Servicing Executive for Studiocanal. Kieron Webb, Film Conservation Manager, BFI National Archive, will also participate in the debates
13.00 hrs Concluding remarks; introduction to the 2018 Conference Prof Ulrich Rűdel, HTW, and
Dr Elza Tantcheva-Burdge, CG(GB)

Program: a PDF version of the program is available to download. (140 kB)

Abtracts: are also available to download as a PDF file (approx 50kB)

BFI Southbank and George Fox Room, Friends House, 173 Euston Rd, London NW1 2BJ

Varies by day - see Programme

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