The challenges of assessing acquired loss of colour vision

Wednesday 5th December 2018
14.00 - 17.00 hrs,City University, London

Centre for Applied Vision Research, School of Health Sciences, City University London
Jointly with the UK Neuro-ophthalmology Special Interest Group (https://www.uknosig.net/) and the Colour Group (GB)

Who Might Benefit from Attending?:
Ophthalmologists, medical and psychology students, optometrists, occupational health professionals, artists / painters/ dyers, vision scientists, carotenoids manufacturers, nutritionists, etc

Research has revealed the importance of visual function testing, including colour vision, in the understanding of disorders affecting the retina, optic nerve and brain. We are also increasing our understanding of the importance of chromaticity in non-image forming visual functions which has implications for photophobia, migraine and light sensitivity. We are planning a workshop style meeting to stimulate discussion on how this increasing knowledge base can be applied in the clinical setting.


Part 1: Clinical assessment of colour vision
14.00 hrs Difficulties of assessing loss of colour vision in patients with clinical
John Barbur
City University of London
14.20 hrs Some little-known uses of Ishihara plates Gordon Plant
Moorfields Eye Hospital & Institute of Neurology
14.40 hrs Abnormalities of vision and colour vision in Parkinson Disease Rimona Weil
Institute of Neurology
15.00 hrs Halsead-Granville Tea
Part 2: Light sensitivity, colour and migraine
15.30 hrs Photophobia in opththalmology and neurology clinics: new ideas on pathogenesis and management Gordon Plant
Moorfields Eye Hospital & Institute of Neurology
15.50 hrs Could the electroretinogram have a role in the assessment of photophobia? Omar Mahroo
Moorfields Eye Hospital
16.10 hrs Visual stress in neurological disease Arnold Wilkins & Amelia Aldrich
University of Essex
16.30 hrs General discussion

R101, Franklin Building
City University London,
Northampton Square,
London, EC1V 0HB

Meeting is concluded

After the meeting there will be a drinks reception sponsored by the UK Neuro-ophthalmology Special Interest Group to which all ticket-holders are invited.

Meeting Organisers:
Gordon Plant & John Barbur

Further Information:
Email: Samantha.Kates
Tel +44 20 7040 5865

DATE 06 December 2018