TRAVEL AWARDS for those in the early stages of a career in colour

The goal of the Colour Group Awards Scheme is to encourage students and young researchers who are members of the Colour Group GB either working or studying in a UK institution to present their work at national and international meetings, and to benefit from interaction with the international colour community.

If you are presenting at a conference this year and your research is related to colour please consider applying for a Colour Group Travel Awards for Early Career Researchers.

There are two sets of awards: The WD Wright Award and The Palmer Award. Detailed guidance and application forms are available for each award by following the links below.

The WD Wright Award is intended for Post-Graduate Students in any field of colour.

The Palmer Award is intended for Post Doctoral Fellows (or equivalent) in any field of colour.

For the WD Wright Awards and Palmer Awards we invite applications that are substantially related to the subject of colour, but may be based in any discipline or mix of disciplines – including art, colour vision, colour science and colour imaging. Both research-based and practice-based work will be considered.

Each award is currently valued at £500.

Application forms
Applications for the The WD Wright Award or The Palmer Award should be made by downloading either the DOC version of the Application Form (DOC), completing it and returning it electronically or by using the Application Form (PDF) version.
Be sure to observe the closing date usually the second Wednesday in April at 4pm

Next closing date: Wednesday 10 of April 2019 at 4pm
Officers and Committee members of the Colour Group are not eligible for any award.

Further enquiries and completed application forms should be addressed to the Colour Group Awards Officer, Valérie Bonnadel via email:
or by post to:

Valérie Bonnadel,
Department of Psychology
University of Winchester
Sparkford Road
SO22 4NR

Robert W G Hunt Poster Award
The Colour Group will offer Robert W G Hunt Poster Awards for the best presentations on the topic of colour at selected conferences and exhibitions. Each year, the selected conferences will be decided by the Colour Group Committee. Prizes will be awarded to young researchers on the basis of the quality of the work. There will be no specific geographic requirements. The prizes serve the purpose of promoting the active colour community represented by the Colour Group (GB). The judging will typically be undertaken by Committee member(s) attending the conference and members of the local organising committee.

The Colour Group Group (GB) will support no more than 5 conferences per year, each with a prize.

In general, these awards will be announced and advertised by the relevant local organising committees and the Colour Group will be credited for its support.

DATE 04 April 2019